January 24, 2018

Getting rich while improving your fertility

Taking action to improve your fertility does not always need to cost you money. Many infertile couples delay taking action to get pregnant because they think they can’t afford medical treatment.  In fact, there are things that you can do to boost your fertility naturally that actually GIVE you money back. Too good to be true? Not really. Here are FOUR ways.

1. Cut back on cigarettes: Smoking accelerates aging. While young beautiful movie stars are often seen smoking, the harsh reality is that over time, long-term smokers end up looking much older than if they had never smoked. Smoking also ages your ovaries, sending you into menopause at an earlier age than if you didn’t smoke. The research data shows that women smokers have a 60% higher risk of being infertile as non-smokers. Miscarriage rates and obstetrical complication rates are also higher in smokers than in non-smokers. While the effect is not as dramatic in men, there are observed adverse changes seen in the sperm of smokers. BOTTOM LINE: Take all the money you spend on cigarettes, put it in a jar and you’ll end up both wealthier and more fertile.

2. Cut back on caffeinated drinks: While one cup of coffee, tea or energy drink per day is not expected to adversely hinder your fertility, higher doses (the equivalent of 4-5 cups daily) are associated with decreased fertility and a higher risk of miscarriage. BOTTOM LINE: Take all your Starbucks money, put it in a jar and you’ll end up both wealthier and more fertile.

3. Spend less on food and/or get a part time job that involves physical activity: This part does not apply to everybody. If your BMI is under 20, you should try to GAIN weight. However, if your BMI is over 25, the closer your bring it to the optimal 21-24 range, the better your expected fertility. To calculate your BMI, you can use this online calculator. If your BMI is over 25, once or twice a week, try substituting a light snack instead of eating a full dinner. Even better, try to find a side job that involves a lot of physical activity. BOTTOM LINE: Cut your food intake, put the savings in a jar. Get a side job, take the bonus earnings and add it to your jar.

4. Don’t waste money on recreational drugs: There haven’t been a whole slew of research studies on the effects of illegal drugs, because it’s hard to collect accurate data. However, there IS actual research data that at least one substance, marijuana, is linked to decreased fertility in both men and women. BOTTOM LINE: Take the money that you would give to your friendly neighborhood drug dealer and put it in a jar instead.

By the way, notice that I don’t mention anything about saving your liquor store money. The truth is that regular moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks daily) is NOT associated with decreased fertility. There has been some evidence that it can slightly improve fertility to have 1 or 2 drinks daily as compared to having zero alcohol. The danger of alcohol consumption in women trying to conceive is that they might inadvertently continue drinking after they get pregnant without knowing it, and that can be very bad for the fetus.

So in conclusion, if you follow the above four guidelines, you will boost your fertility and you will start accumulating a nice chunk of money in your jar that you can use either for fertility treatment if you still don’t get pregnant. If you do get pregnant naturally, then you can use that money for diapers.

  • Robyn

    Thanks for the great advise and also cutting through the myths. I don’t smoke or do drugs, but I can now cut out the coffee and the donuts and still have my wine. I love your site!

  • http://unyielding.blogspot.com/ Syn

    Take prescribe medications as directed is also important! I take Metformin and my “Fertility Resolution” is to take it as directed regardless of the side effects! Usually what happens is that I go on and off the drug over the course of the year and that has to stop. I have taken it properly now for two weeks and I am starting to feel less and less ill.

  • nalisa

    how can i lower my fsh

  • http://www.reviewmd.com/ Victoria

    I just recently started using Chantix which was prescribed by my doctor. So far, so good?

  • Lovelyn

    Hi am 27 yrs old, i have PCOS, so i opted for Clomid directly after we decided to have children ,was on Clomid 50 mg from past 7 months, each month am getting periods, but did not conceive. My gyn told me to visit a fertility center…dont know what to do, feel so hopeless. Dont know anything about fertility center. Can you help me, so should try high dosages of clomid. Any help will be really appreciated.