January 24, 2018

Stay away from OCTOMOM merchandise

Nadya S. is NOT in any way, representative of the hundreds of thousands of genuine loving inferile couples in the US, whose only wish is to have a child to love. She is now applying for a trademark on the term “Octomom”. If you ever see her picture and/or name on T-shirts, mugs, ovulation kits or stripper attire, I urge you to boycott the product.

It would be a shame if overreactive legislation were passed to further impede the hopes of infertile couples all because of this one case.

By the way, there is no truth to the rumors that Dr. K has applied for a trademark on the term “OctoDoc”, although he HAS been heard to have jokingly referred to himself as that during a conversation at a recent pharmaceutical company-sponsored event that he attended this past month.

  • Araceli Hager

    This is ridiculous…i would certainly boycott any attire and any reality show she may be offerred. Quite frankly, I’m tired of seeing her on the front cover of tabloids while I wait in line.

  • Octomom_Supporter

    If the item is cute enough, Ill buy it. Does the author of this article have 14 kids? Who the hell are you to tell everyone not to support her? She made decisions in her life that she is well aware of. At least give her the chance to try to get herself on her own 2 feet so that she can raise these kids. Its a miracle that these kids were brought into the world. Shes working her ass of to make sure that she can provide for them, so get off your high horse and get a freaking life. If you dont wanna buy the item, THEN DONT!!!

  • Kari

    The author of this article is the infertility doctor whose blog you’re reading and reacting to. His primary concern, voiced over the past several months, is that Nadya’s and her doctor’s decision to implant a higher-than-recommended number of embryos will result in legal intervention and new laws imposed on ALL infertility clinics that will affect their practices.

    Hopefully you haven’t been faced with infertility issues, but for those of us who have, we hope to find a doctor who will work in our best interest and not be affected in his/her decision-making by primarily male legislators who haven’t been in our position. As a 35-year-old who decided to become a single mom by choice using artificial insemination, I would hate to think that legislation could pass that would dictate that single women cannot use AI to get pregnant due to Nadya’s case.

  • starry_eyed

    The comments attributed to Dr K make him seem quite cavalier.