January 24, 2018

Infertility Podcast second episode

Time to keep trying on your own? Time to take action? Listen to episode two.

  • Annette M.

    I am currently going through infertility treatments. I had my first IUI a few months ago… what is a normal range for sperm count after the wash? I am fearing that my husband’s count was low. After the wash it was 800,000. ? We opted to hold off on treatments..hoping he can build his sperm count/motility with Proxeed. Any input on the sperm count and the success rates from proxeed ?



  • IVF-MD

    If less than 1 million total motile sperm, that’s in the very abnormal range. Is that the units of how it was reported? Depending on your age and other factors, Proxeed might not necessarily be a good idea. First of all it will take at least 3 months before you see an effect, and even if it improves the sperm a tiny bit, it’s not really likely to make a big difference in the outcome. Best of luck.