February 21, 2018

Low Ovarian Reserve. Is there hope?

How does actual ovarian age compare and correlate with actual chronological age? There is a strong correlation, but it is not by any means absolute. A woman is said to have “low ovarian reserve” if her ovaries function in a way consistent with older women. If you have been told you have diminished or low […]

Giving a talk

I’ll be giving a talk this weekend on my experiences of being one of the first (or maybe the only) doctor to allow patients to pay with Bitcoin.

Couple choose not to do IVF themselves and publicly opposes IVF clinic for others as well

Today, I received a bulletin from ASRM alerting members to a case in Illinois. My understanding is that there are politicians fighting to prevent a doctor from opening up an IVF practice. Here’s a letter from the opposing view. My view is this. The couple is free to make their own choice regarding doing IVF […]

Is Medicine a good career choice?

I’m often asked by students contemplating a career in medicine if I feel that it’s the right choice. I love being a doctor and am confident that it was the right choice for me anyway, but in order to help you through the thought process of seeing if it’s right for you, let’s first talk […]

VIDEO: Three ways to get pregnant

When one door closes, another opens

My web and blogging activity have been noticeably stagnant since June, but I’m excited to announce that they will be returning next month with a vengeance, at a level higher than ever before!  If you want to be kept up to date on the latest projects, you are welcome to sign up here. So, in […]

Infertility Podcast second episode

Time to keep trying on your own? Time to take action? Listen to episode two.

How do I know if my husband is fertile?

Last week, I saw a new patient whose story is common. She is in her early 30’s and had been trying to conceive for 4 years. During this time, her OB/Gyn gave her clomiphine citrate (Clomid) for 7 months, did about eight blood tests and performed surgery on her twice. During our first meeting

Fertility Podcast first episode released

If you want to listen to information about fertility rather than just read it, please enjoy my fertility podcast at BABY STEPS RADIO . COM

Iowa Lawmakers steal rights from intended parents

Do couples have the freedom to decide what happens to their embryos? According to Iowa politicians, the answer is NO. Recent legislation in Iowa seeks to give embryos Constitutional rights. This would make a smidgen of sense if embryos could communicate their wants and wishes. It’s a total smokescreen and as it stands, instead of […]