January 24, 2018

Saving your romance from the dark clutches of infertility

One common misfortune that infertile couples encounter is a change in their attitude about love-making. You used to look forward to playfulness and affection in your romantic four-post canopy bed with satin sheets. But now it has become a place where you have to force yourself to do a chore. When that ovulation test turns […]

Embryo transfer. Is day 3 or day 5 better?

Dear Dr. Lee. I’m glad I found your blog. I have had 3 failed iui’s and my first IVF failed. I am 41 don’t know if I should try again or not. In my IVF I got 6 eggs and transferred 4 embryos on day 3. I’ve been reading that day 5 transfers have better […]

Case of the Month Nov 2010: Episode #5

Click here for Episode #1 RECAP: Patient “M” excitedly completed her first IUI cycle and became pregnant for the first time in her life. In order to follow the health of the pregnancy, we did routine hCG levels. In a healthy pregnancy, the hCG levels should rise briskly, often doubling every 2 days. In M’s […]

Visually stunning story of where babies come from

Most people guess that it’s a lot of fun to work in the fertility field. They are right. Watch the video and imagine getting to play a small part in this great miracle. With fertility medications, we can help there be more of those good eggs that you see in the video, so that they […]

A less-productive-than-usual journal club

Sometimes, you go shopping with the intention of bringing home a very specific item. Sometimes you go to the mall just to see what’s out there. There’s a similar principle for doctors when they pursue continuing education within their field. Sometimes, I’ll encounter a patient with a specific unique story that drives me to look […]

A successful IVF cycle can make the next cycle MORE stressful

I love being reminded when I’m making assumptions. A patient undergoing a frozen embryo cycle was telling me how stressful it was this time, even more stressful than her last cycle. I remembered that she had a lot of stress with her original fresh IVF cycle, which, by the way, resulted in her getting pregnant […]

Case of the Month OCT 2010: Episode #4

Click here for Episode #1 What happens after a positive pregnancy test? There are still some first timers who mistakenly believe that all is safe now. The reality is far from that. Depending on ones age, ones history and ones physical characteristics the risk of a bad outcome (miscarriage, ectopic or abnormality) is usually something […]

Day one in Denver at ASRM

I’m currently attending the annual meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, where fertility specialists from all over the world come together, this year in Denver, to hear lectures and watch presentations. The first two days, there were small specific formal courses. Today is the first day of large general presentations. An hour ago, […]

Case of the Month Oct 2010: Episode #3

Click here for Episode #1 After starting ovarian stimulation for an IUI cycle, the first ultrasound is suspenseful. Sometimes, a patient makes no follicles. Sometimes she makes too many. An optimal number depends on the patient’s age and history. For older patients who have been infertile a long time, and who have failed multiple IUI […]

Case of the Month October ’10: Episode #2

Click here for Episode #1 To summarize, we’re facing a case of infertility – no baby despite one year without birth control. The sperm looks OK. There is evidence of an egg problem as noted by the elevated FSH. It’s generally good when the FSH is less than 10 or so and M’s level is […]