January 24, 2018

Difficult embryo transfer

I received this comment this morning for a previous post. Thank you for this very informative article. I am 30 years old and am having my first FET this October. I did not get to have a fresh ET because of OHSS-IVF resulted in a freeze all cycle. I have 5 perfect frozen blastocyst. A […]

Case of the month Sep ’10: Episode #1

Let’s see what we can learn from this typical case. A 32-year-old woman (let’s call her by first initial, M) decides to seek help because a year has gone by without her getting pregnant. This is one full year of regular intercourse twice a week with no contraception. Neither she, nor her husband had ever

Those Sunday morning ovulations

At 6:30 this Sunday morning, I found myself driving, wondering what percentage of the rest of California were still in their warm beds at this early hour, happily enjoying some pleasant dreams. In my still-groggy state, I toyed with the notion that maybe I was actually still in bed myself and merely dreaming and imagining […]

Why are most doctors unhappy?

I’m saddened by a recent post I saw on my favorite blog (other than my own), KevinMD. In it, another physician blogger reported on a book that collected survey results from 12,000 physicians regarding matters relating to their job satisfaction. The results were very discouraging. A profession that was once among the most desired now […]

Failed tubal reversal

I am 41 and my tubes are blocked. I had to go out ofstate to do a Fallopian Tube surgery with a tubal surgery specialist. I was told it had a 70% chance of being successful, but it failed. I am sad the doctor was unable to unblock my tubes. What can I do now? […]

PCOS at age 42

Hi Dr. On CD 3 during my ultrasound they noticed left over follicles from Cycle #1. Just when I thought I was going two steps forward I feel as though I took two huge steps backwards. My follistim injectables were 300 iu for 5 days and then they lowered it to 225 iu for 2 […]

UCLA Journal Club MARCH 2010

Journal club is one of those things that I don’t look forward to, but which afterward, I’m glad I went. About once a month, I carpool all the way from Orange County near Disneyland, to a restaurant just a block from the UCLA campus. A fellow RE, an embryologist and I battle the LA traffic […]

The spectrum of fertility treatment: From the severe to the minimal

Fifth-Party Reproduction: Utilize a sperm donor. Utilize an egg donor. Utilize a surrogate to carry the baby. Fourth-Party Reproduction: Utilize two out of the three (egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate) A) Third-Party Reproduction: Utilize either one of a sperm donor, egg donor or surrogate B) In-Vitro-Fertilization with PGD: Take the wife’s own eggs and the […]

Questions from last month

Dear Doctor, Hello, I would be very grateful if you could help me. I ahve GP in the Uk, that unfortunately only gives you 10 mins for a meeting. He told me that my test results were noraml but does not go into anymore detail. I reaaly need an insight into what the hormone levels […]

First visit with a Reproductive Endocrinologist Part 3. The discussion

As you can guess, many of the tasks that we reproductive endocrinologists do throughout the day are highly repetitive, such as measuring follicles, performing inseminations, reviewing blood test results. Even the most critical tasks such as egg retrievals and embryo transfers are actions that we do over and over again. The one part of my […]