January 24, 2018

Getting pregnant naturally

“I want to know how to get pregnant naturally.” This is a commonly uttered sentiment, even from patients who have already decided to take the time and money to come see me for consultation. You would think that by the time someone comes to an RE, they are already fed up with trying naturally. However, […]

Failed IVF. What now?

In-Vitro Fertilization is the gold-standard treatment for infertility. Even so, it is nowhere near 100% successful. In general, it’s about 20-50% successful and in a very good case scenario, one can have expectations of 60-80% success. Because it does represent the ultimate in treatment, it is especially devastating when a cycle fails. I often have […]

Having a baby on your own vs settling for Mr. OK-but-Not-Perfect

On my older blog, I shared a story about a woman who got tired of waiting to meet Mr. Right and instead chose to become a single-mother-by-choice through donor insemination. Hers was an especially happy story, because not only did she have a wonderful baby, she later wound up meeting a man, getting married and […]

Using cards to better understand your fertility

This weekend, a friend invited me to play in a poker tournament on behalf of a charity that gives support to crime victims. It was organized by an exceptional group of women who regularly devote their time and energy to doing philanthropic activities. I didn’t do well in the tourney, but was glad to have […]

The disadvantages of using a known sperm donor

Before technology gave us the option of doing IVF-ICSI, the only choice for couples with severe sperm problems was to use a sperm donor. Even today, there are times when donor sperm is used. These cases happen with couples who have absolutely zero sperm available (even with high-tech methods) or for whom IVF-ICSI is not […]

Setting your fertility goals for 2008

Do you want a baby this year? I am convinced of the usefulness of setting goals in life. I don’t mean just sort of having some vague idea in your mind of what you want. I mean concretely thinking things over and converting these thoughts into words. Each year, I take time not only to […]

Fertility & Diet

This past month, NEWSWEEK featured a cover story on Fertility and Diet. Feel free to read the article in its entirety, but I’ll share with you what I got out of it. We’ve known all along that lifestyle factors such as exercise, smoking, diet and stress can affect us in important ways including longevity, energy […]

Controlling your fertility

You can’t control whether you get pregnant or not. What you CAN control to a big extent are your ODDS of getting pregnant. Understanding his simple distinction can go a long towards giving you a better grasp of your situation and hopefully a better sense of control on the whole big picture. For example, next […]

Making the right decisions regarding your fertility

If it is your wish is to be a parent, the choices you make today will affect the odds of you actually having a little one in your home one year from now. The concept of our decisions affecting our future is true of anything in life. However, in difficult matters such as infertility, it […]

Bedrest and trying to conceive

One very sweet new patient came to me with a tearful story of her two-year struggle with infertility. After she had failed to conceive in her first year of marriage, her well-intentioned mother-in-law stepped in to offer some "advice". The mother-in-law was convinced that this patient was failing to get pregnant because she was not […]