January 24, 2018

A word to future reproductive endocrinologists

As a welcome relief from all the sadder posts about the octuplets, I’m reminded that there are many optimistic diligent students who might someday be the RE’s of the future. Here are some of their questions: How do you become an RE? What classes do you suggest I take in highschool? in college? I’m a […]

Last night’s journal club

I met with nine other RE’s and embryologists last night in Pasadena for our almost bi-monthly journal club. I was reminded then by one of the attendees that these journal club meetings originated from my own idea over a year ago. I don’t really care if I get credit for these meetings but I must […]

Not everybody wants children

I recently had an interesting journey into another world, all without leaving the comfort of my computer. One of the fun things about having your own website is to check out where the referring traffic is coming from. So whenever I notice a large number of hits coming from any new site, I will often […]

Breaking even on Thanksgiving

When is a one-pound weight gain a good thing? ANSWER: When you were anticipating a two-pound weight gain. This week, I saw five patients back for their post-metformin consult. In the course of investigating infertility patients, one common finding is insulin resistance, related to PCOS. One way to try and treat this problem is with […]

Midnight egg retrieval

During my training, when I was a resident in OB/Gyn, before I subspecialized in REI, it was pretty much the norm for me to spend a few days per week at the hospital during 1 AM, delivering babies and handling the OB/Gyn cases that came through the ER. Ever since I shifted to doing infertility […]

The value of friends and family

The following is an email sent from one of my favorite patients. After a tough journey, she has been blessed (abundantly) with triplets. While having three at a time is not the preferred way to be blessed, she is an inspiration in many ways. During her prolonged hospital stay prior to the delivery, she made […]

I wish the anti-child people would leave us alone

No matter what all these anti-child news articles say, I strongly disagree with people who claim that having children is inherently bad for the earth or bad for the economy. Sure, they have a right to say whatever is on their mind, but I will fight them if they ever try to restrict the rights […]

Earthquake and embryo updates

This morning, we had a 5.8 earthquake centered pretty much where we are. I was in my office doing charts and by the time I made it to a doorway, things had stopped. I called up the embryologists, concerned about my patients’ embryos and got the good news. Everything had held up. We had taken […]

A well-balanced team

I’m proud of my staff. They are the best. The first time I heard this said, I wasn’t sure of its sincerity or if it was just something nice that pharmaceutical reps say. However, after hearing it spontaneously from three different reps, I’m pretty convinced. Plus, I agree with its truthfulness. According to one rep, […]

Turning away business

We received a phone call this morning from a couple who wished our help to get pregnant. They said they were ready to do IVF using donor eggs. It’s not often that you come across someone who expresses their readiness to commit $25K or so to having a baby. However, before the patient could make […]