January 24, 2018

Couple choose not to do IVF themselves and publicly opposes IVF clinic for others as well

Today, I received a bulletin from ASRM alerting members to a case in Illinois. My understanding is that there are politicians fighting to prevent a doctor from opening up an IVF practice. Here’s a letter from the opposing view. My view is this. The couple is free to make their own choice regarding doing IVF […]

Iowa Lawmakers steal rights from intended parents

Do couples have the freedom to decide what happens to their embryos? According to Iowa politicians, the answer is NO. Recent legislation in Iowa seeks to give embryos Constitutional rights. This would make a smidgen of sense if embryos could communicate their wants and wishes. It’s a total smokescreen and as it stands, instead of […]

UK woman ready to have baby at age 66

New mother-to-be at age 66. What do you think?

Georgia politicians react to impose restrictions – Part III

What happens when the beliefs of one group of people affect the freedom and rights of another group of people? A month ago, I wrote Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on Georgia Senate Bill 169, a proposed legislation which slams into conflict two groups of people. The supporters of this bill view […]

Stay away from OCTOMOM merchandise

Nadya S. is NOT in any way, representative of the hundreds of thousands of genuine loving inferile couples in the US, whose only wish is to have a child to love. She is now applying for a trademark on the term “Octomom”. If you ever see her picture and/or name on T-shirts, mugs, ovulation kits […]

Baby born from sperm frozen 22 years

Planning ahead can really pay off. A teenager diagnosed with leukemia was advised to save his sperm before undergoing his cancer treatment. Now, 22 years later, he and his wife are parents thanks to this forethought. For patients newly diagnosed with cancer, there is an organization which provides information regarding fertility options. Many patients are […]

Fathering children after death

Can the sperm of a dead man be used to create babies? A recent news story brings up this controversial topic once again. The concept of posthumous sperm utilization is not a new one and there have been many cases of babies being born to deceased men. I have been involved in such a case […]

Woman tries to inseminate partner against her will

This bizarre story illustrates how time and time again, turkey basters and alcohol don’t mix.

Georgia politicians react to impose restrictions – Part II

In the previous post, we introduced the setting, describing what’s going on in Georgia. A trio of politicians are pushing for the adoption of new laws governing what people can do with regards to in-vitro fertilization. Today, we’ll begin dissecting the actual meat of this proposed legislation to see if it really is the best […]

Georgia politicians react to impose restrictions – Part I

The fears of many infertile couples regarding kneejerk government reaction to the octuplets case have now been validated. On February 18, the Georgia senate referred a bill calling for certain restrictions. Here is the official wording. Many thanks to the readers who called this news to my attention. Before we dissect this, I want to […]