January 24, 2018

Boy fathers baby at age thirteen

To the best of my knowledge, this pregnancy did not involve IVF. There seems to be a lot of news lately involving pregnancies in which the identity of the father is unclear. If any of you are worried how a 13-year old and a 15-year old are going to support a child, rest assured that […]

ASRM response to octuplets

For those wondering what actions our regulatory board is taking, here’s a letter from the esteemed Executive Director of our society that I received yesterday by email: I am sure all of us have followed with interest and concern the unfolding story of the Suleman octuplets in California. I wanted to take a moment to […]

More questions raised regarding octuplets

I was watching this clip of Nadya Suleman’s interview and noticed a few interesting things. For one thing, I’m not a psychiatrist, but I have a strong suspicion of her having some Axis II psychopathology. What I AM more qualified to comment on are some medical inconsistencies in her statements. In part of this clip, […]

Octuplets doctor may have been lulled by past poor success

The story of Nadya Suleman’s interview on the Today show gives the name of a fertility clinic and a doctor in Beverly Hills. It doesn’t blatantly declare that he is the one who did her treatment, but if he is, we can look at the CDC data for some further insight. The most recent CDC […]

Eight out of eight unlikely

I may turn out to wrong, but I still think it’s possible that the reports about the octuplets being from transfer of eight embryos will turn out to be inaccurate. Rather than this being a case of eight hits out of eight chances, it’s more plausible that this is a case of eight hits out […]

Frozen embryo octuplets

I’m still in disbelief despite this news update from a few hours ago, which goes into more detail regarding the octuplets and the way that they were conceived. According to this story, these babies were conceived through a frozen embryo transfer. I guess at some point, my skepticism will have to give way, but up […]

Were the octuplets a result of IVF?

When I first heard about the octuplets who were born earlier this week, my first theory of how this came about was that somebody went to Tijuana, bought fertility drugs, injected herself indiscriminately without medical supervision and then went on to have sex. According to the latest updates, this may have been a result of […]

Eggs, sperm and kidneys for sale

In the US, it is against the law for somebody to sell their kidney or other organ. This is clear, even if getting a kidney could well be the difference between life or death. It’s true even if the recipient is eager to pay and even if the potential kidney donor is rational, intelligent and […]

Miracle octuplets

I ran into a fellow RE at the hospital we eventually came around to discussing the news of the octuplets who were born yesterday. Our initial reaction was like a fishing expedition for gossip with each of us asking the other “Do you know who the RE was? I wonder if it was so-and-so.” We […]

Trading freedom for government-sponsored healthcare

This article makes a lot of sense. People make the best decisions and take responsibility for their actions when they are held accountable. If your car breaks down or gets damaged, then you are responsible to get it fixed. That’s why people actually care about driving carefully and performing routine maintenance. Imagine a world where […]