January 24, 2018

California’s new laws for 2009. Part two.

This is a continuation of my previous post with my opinions regarding the new California laws that go into effect for 2009. Mobile homes: Requires, at time of sale, all mobile homes and manufactured housing to have smoke detectors in all rooms designed for sleeping and to have seismic braces on gas-fired water heaters. I […]

Booty caller

If you think your life has already been overrun by an obsession for fertility, you might be interested to know that it can always get worse. Apparently there are people out there who want to get text messages reminding them when to have sex. There is no medical proof that the timing established by this […]

No more pens from drug companies

A lot of companies that make pens, paperweights, post-its and mugs might be feeling the economic crunch from this new policy.  But at least I will be prescribing with a clear conscience. Meanwhile, my office manager will be making more frequent runs to COSTCO this year.

UK starts compulsory sex education at age 5

This came out a few months ago, but I just came across it now. There is a double-headed fertility problem in the UK. The great fertility of the teenage population produces 50,000 pregnancies each year to mothers under age 18, more than any other European country. On the other hand, the spread of STD’s among […]

Woman who miscarried elaborately lies to trick boyfriend

Grrr. This type of stunt is just infuriating. First of all, she lied to manipulate her boyfriend, even to the point of elaborately embellishing her story with internet photos. She then subjected everybody to unnecessary worry and had police waste their holiday time and energy on this false alarm. Merry Christmas!

Indian woman gives birth at age 70

Just because something CAN be done through modern medical technology doesn’t necessarily mean it SHOULD be done. Now if this were to happen with a Hollywood celebrity, you might see her going on record lying that it was with her own eggs rather than with the help of donor eggs.

Sperm and intelligence

Here’s another example of an uninteresting finding dressed up to make it almost seem newsworthy. In this article, it’s not clear how they are assessing sperm quality. Probably the more relevant measure of quality is the actual function, not just some parameters relating to how the sperm LOOKS. In any case, this is a mildly […]

Hospital remodels facilities to accomodate twins and triplets

Human innovation continues as hospitals respond to an increased number of women with twin and triplet pregnancies by building special units to accommodate them. It can be a quite a transition for an infertile couple to go from having zero babies to suddenly having two or three, and units like this can ease the transition.

Do-It-Yourself Sperm Donation. Don’t try this at home.

There is a severe shortage of sperm in the United Kingdom due mostly to government over-regulation which prohibits donors from getting financial compensation for their donation services AND removes the protection of donor anonymity. This tempts desperate couples into ill-advised risky behavior such as meeting strangers from the internet and making the exchange in hotel […]

Girl raised in US, sent back to China with birth parents

This story is not a fertility story, but it is of interest with respect to issues of a child’s best interests conflicting with biological parenthood.