January 24, 2018

Embryo transfer. Is day 3 or day 5 better?

Dear Dr. Lee. I’m glad I found your blog. I have had 3 failed iui’s and my first IVF failed. I am 41 don’t know if I should try again or not. In my IVF I got 6 eggs and transferred 4 embryos on day 3. I’ve been reading that day 5 transfers have better […]

Failed tubal reversal

I am 41 and my tubes are blocked. I had to go out ofstate to do a Fallopian Tube surgery with a tubal surgery specialist. I was told it had a 70% chance of being successful, but it failed. I am sad the doctor was unable to unblock my tubes. What can I do now? […]

PCOS at age 42

Hi Dr. On CD 3 during my ultrasound they noticed left over follicles from Cycle #1. Just when I thought I was going two steps forward I feel as though I took two huge steps backwards. My follistim injectables were 300 iu for 5 days and then they lowered it to 225 iu for 2 […]

Questions from last month

Dear Doctor, Hello, I would be very grateful if you could help me. I ahve GP in the Uk, that unfortunately only gives you 10 mins for a meeting. He told me that my test results were noraml but does not go into anymore detail. I reaaly need an insight into what the hormone levels […]

A word to future reproductive endocrinologists

As a welcome relief from all the sadder posts about the octuplets, I’m reminded that there are many optimistic diligent students who might someday be the RE’s of the future. Here are some of their questions: How do you become an RE? What classes do you suggest I take in highschool? in college? I’m a […]

Is IVF painful?

Patients sometimes ask, “Is fertility treatment painful?” It’s a reasonable question. I know that before I personally undergo any medical procedure, I would want to know that. To better answer this question, I’ve taken an informal survey of my patients who did IVF and asked them to share about their experiences. As can be expected, […]

Diminished ovarian reserve

QUESTION: I am looking for some information on high FSH/high estradiol levels. I am 31 and had blood work done in November 2008 on day 1 of my cycle because my skin keeps breaking out, so my dermatologist was trying to figure out if my hormones were the culprit. Turned out my androgen levels were […]

Elevated FSH level not a result of recent miscarriage

Hi Dr. Lee, Your website is great! I would very much appreciate your advice, please. Here is the background: – At age 39, my new husband and I got pregnant on our first try. A beautiful Honeymoon Baby! – Six months ago (I was 41 1/2), we became pregnant again without any medical intervention. We […]

Cysts and ovarian stimulation

Hi Doctor, Your website is very nice and it helped me to learn more about these treatments….success stories really gives me hope… I took clomid for 5 cycles but ovulated only once and didnt get pregnant. I had an ultrasound after the 3rd cycle and found a cyst on the right ovary. As the cyst […]

IUI's for patient with dyspareunia or vaginismus

Dear Dr , I have been through each and every section of your website and it is really very informative for people like us who sometimes wish to know , why this treatment , what would it do? It has really encouraged me to ask my RE politely 🙂 about various things and treatments she […]