January 24, 2018

Case of the Month Nov 2010: Episode #5

Click here for Episode #1 RECAP: Patient “M” excitedly completed her first IUI cycle and became pregnant for the first time in her life. In order to follow the health of the pregnancy, we did routine hCG levels. In a healthy pregnancy, the hCG levels should rise briskly, often doubling every 2 days. In M’s […]

Case of the Month OCT 2010: Episode #4

Click here for Episode #1 What happens after a positive pregnancy test? There are still some first timers who mistakenly believe that all is safe now. The reality is far from that. Depending on ones age, ones history and ones physical characteristics the risk of a bad outcome (miscarriage, ectopic or abnormality) is usually something […]

Case of the Month Oct 2010: Episode #3

Click here for Episode #1 After starting ovarian stimulation for an IUI cycle, the first ultrasound is suspenseful. Sometimes, a patient makes no follicles. Sometimes she makes too many. An optimal number depends on the patient’s age and history. For older patients who have been infertile a long time, and who have failed multiple IUI […]

Case of the Month October ’10: Episode #2

Click here for Episode #1 To summarize, we’re facing a case of infertility – no baby despite one year without birth control. The sperm looks OK. There is evidence of an egg problem as noted by the elevated FSH. It’s generally good when the FSH is less than 10 or so and M’s level is […]

Case of the month Sep ’10: Episode #1

Let’s see what we can learn from this typical case. A 32-year-old woman (let’s call her by first initial, M) decides to seek help because a year has gone by without her getting pregnant. This is one full year of regular intercourse twice a week with no contraception. Neither she, nor her husband had ever

Conceiving after being told about blocked tubes

Nine years ago, I was referred a patient by an OB. He had performed laparoscopic surgery on her and told her that her tubes were both blocked and were “unsalvageable”.  So, we did IVF and she got pregnant with twins on her first cycle. She came back a few years later to use her remaining […]

Hey, who put that in my uterus?

A while back, when I was doing my monthly volunteer staffing at the indigent population clinic for the OB/Gyn residents, we came across a patient who came in for an ultrasound. She had delivered a baby seven years ago in her home country, but never got pregnant after that. Despite not getting pregnant naturally, she […]

Case of the month Aug/Sep '08: Episode #9

Click here for episode 1 When patients make it to 12 or 13 weeks gestation, they graduate. We have a small ceremony and give them gifts. They celebrate freedom from taking their progesterone shots. We make a DVD of their baby doing back flips in their final first trimester ultrasound so they can watch it […]

Case of the month Aug/Sep '08: Episode #8

Click here for episode 1 Imagine that four times in your life, you have been pregnant and imagine that all four times have ended in miscarriage. It’s pretty understandable that now, in your fifth pregnancy, every twinge of abdominal pain can make your heart race with panic. Every time you use the restroom, you dread […]

Case of the month Aug/Sep '08: Episode #7

Click here for episode 1 Irene had started her injections on day 3 of her cycle. After five days of injections, it brought us to day 8 and she was here for her ultrasound. This is what we saw: RIGHT OVARY: (14×13) (15×14) (13×13) LEFT OVARY: (16×14) Lining = 8mm Triple Layer This was a […]