January 24, 2018

Low Ovarian Reserve. Is there hope?

How does actual ovarian age compare and correlate with actual chronological age? There is a strong correlation, but it is not by any means absolute. A woman is said to have “low ovarian reserve” if her ovaries function in a way consistent with older women. If you have been told you have diminished or low […]

Is Medicine a good career choice?

I’m often asked by students contemplating a career in medicine if I feel that it’s the right choice. I love being a doctor and am confident that it was the right choice for me anyway, but in order to help you through the thought process of seeing if it’s right for you, let’s first talk […]

When one door closes, another opens

My web and blogging activity have been noticeably stagnant since June, but I’m excited to announce that they will be returning next month with a vengeance, at a level higher than ever before!  If you want to be kept up to date on the latest projects, you are welcome to sign up here. So, in […]

Infertility Podcast second episode

Time to keep trying on your own? Time to take action? Listen to episode two.

Fertility Podcast first episode released

If you want to listen to information about fertility rather than just read it, please enjoy my fertility podcast at BABY STEPS RADIO . COM

Visually stunning story of where babies come from

Most people guess that it’s a lot of fun to work in the fertility field. They are right. Watch the video and imagine getting to play a small part in this great miracle. With fertility medications, we can help there be more of those good eggs that you see in the video, so that they […]

Who is the father of the octuplets?

I came upon this blog post because it had linked to me. There was some good detective work done here, with some interesting observations revealed. I sort of felt like I did when I was reading the DaVinci Files.

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Dog risks life to save another

I don’t know if this is even real or fake, but it looks real enough to bring tears to my eyes. I wonder if my own dogs would sacrifice for each other in this way.

Abusing one’s disability status

It took 400 cases for the courts to recognize this abuse.