February 21, 2018

Navigating this fertility website

Here are some explanations of the categories used on this blog: FERTILITY STRATEGIES: Posts on how to logically approach the problem, choose the right decisions and take the right actions. INSIDE VIEW: An inside glimpse of this reproductive endocrinologist’s daily work life LIFE AND HAPPINESS: Bits and pieces from my personal life, my philosophies and […]

Case of the month Aug/Sep '08: Episode #7

Click here for episode 1 Irene had started her injections on day 3 of her cycle. After five days of injections, it brought us to day 8 and she was here for her ultrasound. This is what we saw: RIGHT OVARY: (14×13) (15×14) (13×13) LEFT OVARY: (16×14) Lining = 8mm Triple Layer This was a […]

Hospital closes their OB unit, claiming runaway malpractice lawsuits to blame

If you believe that runaway lawsuit abuse in the United States does not affect the average citizen, take a moment to read about what’s happening in Brooklyn. A hospital has decided to shut down their OB department and stop delivering babies. Why? Just ask yourself. If you ran a hospital, how long could you continue […]

Case of the month June/July '08: Episode #13

Click here for episode 1 Caroline and Darryl have come a long way. After several IUI cycles, they are pregnant. But they realize that it is a never-ending journey. After discovering that they had twins, they found out that this good news was short-lived. On the previous ultrasound, it was discovered that one of the […]

IVF Protocols – FAQ (Part 1)

As I discussed before, the success rate of IVF depends on many factors including the status of the embryos, the status of the uterus and the nature of the transfer. Furthermore, the first component, the status of the embryos is determined by four factors: the patient’s characteristics, the embryology lab, some random factors and the […]

Independence Day and the freedom to choose whether to have children or not

Today, in the United States, we celebrate Independence Day, the anniversary of our freedoms. I spent all morning cleaning the grill and trying to fix the patio umbrella in preparation for the fourteen or so friends who will be here shortly. As I reflect on our freedoms, I am especially grateful for the opportunity to […]

No whining

I’m going to try my best to get my point across without whining. I’ll probably fail, but I’ll try. What I have to say is nothing earth-shattering, but here goes: The overall quality of life in this country would improve significantly if we could reduce the impact of frivolous lawsuits. It’s no secret where I […]

The nature of trust: Part 2 – Trusting your doctor

In a previous post, we discussed the general concept of TRUST. It might be helpful to read that before reading today’s piece. Now we’re ready to zero in on the specific topic of trusting doctors. How do you come to trust your doctor? Well, how do you come to trust ANYBODY? Simple. You take a […]

Professor sues students for being mean to her

It’s a quiet day at work and I got a good laugh out of this unbelievable story that a friend sent me. On a personal note, this crazy lady is now teaching at my undergrad alma mater, Northwestern University.

What does a Reproductive Endocrinologist name his dog?

I’ve heard of an orthopedic surgeon naming his dog Bones. I’ve heard of an ophthalmologist not naming his dog Spot, but instead naming it Macula, which is a "spot" on the retina. One of my dogs is named Ixie, after ICSI, the procedure by which a sperm is injected into the egg as part of […]